University of Connecticut North Hillside Road Extension

Fuss & O’Neill prepared a federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on behalf of the University of Connecticut, the Federal Highway Administration, and the CT Department of Public Transportation, for the extension of North Hillside Road on UConn’s North Campus.

We conducted a field evaluation and developed mitigation measures to reduce impacts to on-site vernal pools, including amphibian crossings and wetland preservation and creation. We coordinated with UConn to develop a mitigation plan for the loss of prime farmland soils.

Our experts designed a stormwater management master plan that included Low Impact Development (LID) elements and provided alternative development scenarios for the full build-out of North Campus to address secondary impacts associated with the proposed roadway and subsequent development.

Our coordinated preparation of the EIS, a CEPA comparative evaluation, and wetlands permitting will help the growing university to develop in a sustainable manner.