Net-Metered Hydro-electric Energy Recovery System

Fuss & O’Neill assisted the City of Barre with design and construction of a new net-metered Hydro-electric 12 kilowatt energy recovery system.

The new pressure reducing vault and 12 kW turbine generator located inside the new replacement vault in the City’s water transmission system, not only generates power by recovering excess water pressure, it replaced the old pressure reducing vault, thus improving the safety and security of the City’s drinking water system. Power generated will save the City money by offsetting a portion of its power costs at the City’s water treatment facility.

The project was advanced after a 2006 feasibility study was completed by Rentricity, Inc., a New York City based company and developer of small hydro-electric in-pipe systems. This project was determined to be the most viable among several potential small hydro-electric projects within the water system serving the City.