Fuel Cell Installation at Connecticut State University System Campuses

Fuss & O’Neill partnered with the Connecticut State University System (CSUS) to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of installing fuel cells at four CSUS campuses.

With the ultimate objective of installing appropriately sized fuel cells at each site, the CT Department of Public Works (DPW) hired us to perform an in-depth assessment to identify technical, contractual, and schedule constraints.

Working with the DPW and CSUS, we identified funding sources, including federal stimulus money, state resources, and the CT Clean Energy Fund. We analyzed the thermal and electrical load profiles at each campus to determine rating, configuration, and location of the fuel cells. We outlined permitting issues, procurement procedures, utility requirements and expected system efficiency.

We presented a project schedule and cost analysis that identified installation, maintenance, and operating costs of the fuel cells, allowing CSUS to make an informed decision about the installation.