Easton Pond Dam

Fuss & O’Neill assisted the City of Newport in assessing, designing, and constructing repairs to the 5,500 foot long Easton Pond Dam. Over the past 70 years, the dam has suffered from loss of protection and subsequent erosion of embankment soils, threatening the structural stability of the dam.

After assisting the city with obtaining Federal Disaster Relief funds for the project, our experts conducted an evaluation of embankments, spillways and drawdown/outlet works to find deficiencies. A geotechnical investigation evaluated subsurface conditions at critical embankment locations.

We provided construction oversight through the 18-month construction period, and provided emergency assistance during a severe storm, including in-field assessment and guidance on emergency stabilization.

After analyzing several reconstruction alternatives, the project was completed in a manner that provided the desired protection while accommodating public access and minimizing environmental impact.