Bradley International Airport New Terminal EA/EIE

Fuss & O’Neill prepared an Environmental Assessment/Environmental Impact Evaluation (EA/EIE) for a new terminal passenger facility at Bradley International Airport. The airport improvements included demolition of the existing Terminal B complex and construction of a new complex.

The project assessed traffic, air quality, noise, utilities, surface water, wetlands, flood zones, wildlife and vegetation, and socioeconomic resource impacts for airside and landside facilities. Noise impacts were evaluated within the context of the airport’s existing Part 150 Noise Study.

The project also evaluated air quality emission impacts associated with group service equipment, roadway, and stationary sources.

The EA/EIE was a key step in the airport renovations, which will include a new building with concourses, a modified roadway system, a new parking garage and consolidated car rental facility, airside and landside utilities, and power generation to the new terminal.