Citywide Signal System Upgrade

Over the past decade, Fuss & O’Neill worked on modernizing the City of Stamford’s Urban Traffic Control System (UTCS) by developing a citywide lighting system, and creating a new communication and operations center.

After conducting an extensive field and equipment investigation throughout the city, Fuss & O’Neill’s traffic engineers created a new system comprised of over 300 traffic signals. Fuss & O’Neill collected comprehensive inventory data for each intersection including roadway geometry, traffic control devices, traffic volume and accident data, intersection analysis and system timing optimization along each corridor. The project was completed using a multi-year capital program funded through a diverse set of city, state and federal programs.

Additional phases of the project included LED traffic signals, video detection, microwave pedestrian detection, equipment replacements to provide emergency vehicle pre-emption, and CCTV surveillance installations. Design work connected each intersection to the City’s operation center via a twisted pair communications cable.

At the completion of the final design, Fuss & O’Neill conducted an extensive review of each intersection to make sure the traffic lighting system was operating optimally.