Springborn Dam Removal Survey

Fuss & O’Neill investigated the feasibility and has designed the complete removal of the Springborn Dam under a USFWS grant. This 25-foot high stone masonry dam was topped with six feet of timber cribbing and was located in a bedrock gorge with very limited accessibility.

Fuss & O’Neill provided detailed topographic and utility surveying to assist with determining feasibility of the dam’s removal. A detailed boundary and topographic survey was performed in conjunction with an existing report. This survey was completed using national horizontal and vertical datums, and included the dam, adjacent building, the two upstream bridge crossings, and stream channel cross-sections up to 800 feet upstream and 300 feet downstream of the dam.

To design and obtain a permit to dewater a portion of the river, with the ultimate goal of creating an option for contractors to dewater sediment, our team created basemapping compiled from a variety of sources, including field data, aerial topography, and GIS data.