Sara Morrison, MLA, WEDG

Associate, Business Line Manager - Climate Adaptation, Water and Natural Resources

Sara is a Business Line Manager for Climate Adaptation within the Water and Natural Resources Business Line and has a unique background that combines systems-based, urban landscape architecture and climate resilience projects. Sara’s lifelong passion for the intersection between land and water is reflected in her work in helping communities thrive in such complex and dynamic environments. She is a key resource for Climate Action and Adaptation Planning, Nature-based Solutions, Urban Design, and Community Engagement.

Her work focuses on the conception and planning of climate adaptation projects, specifically on flood risk reduction, extreme heat, and coastal resilience with an emphasis on nature-based solutions. Her experience is tied to the management, planning, and design of climate risk reduction projects of varying scales in both coastal and inland environments. Sara’s expertise is in integrating natural and engineered systems using nature-based solutions to achieve socially resilient, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable projects.