Deb Denfield, PE, CHMM, CET, WEDG

Business Line Manager, Environmental and Facility Services

Deborah is a Project Manager and Business Line Manager in Environmental Business Line. She has experience across multiple civil and environmental engineering project types. Projects she has managed include engineering design, reporting, plan development, and permitting support services associated with infrastructure, pollution contamination and its prevention. Site development services include site layout and grading, stormwater management, sedimentation and erosion control, and design of utility services.

She has also acted as a Construction Project Manager, preparing bid documents and overseeing the construction contract with periodic inspections and project meetings with contractors. Deborah conducts regulatory environmental training at open-enrollment events and at client sites. She is a project manager providing services in the areas of hazardous waste, solid waste, oil storage, recyclables management, as well as discharges of wastewater, stormwater and air emissions.