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Modernizing pollution control by reusing aged infrastructure
Putnam, Connecticut

After going on-line in the mid 1970s and performing as designed for many years, Putnam’s Wastewater Pollution Control Facility deferred maintenance due to budget constraints and much of the original equipment began to break down. With an influx of funding and a design that kept the cost of updating aged equipment to a minimum by maximizing reuse of what existed, the town now has a plant that will serve its citizens
for the next 50 years and beyond.

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Wastewater treatment has been a core expertise of the firm since its founding. Given that the original construction was completed over 40 years ago, the talents of almost every one of the firm’s disciplines was engaged over the course of the project. A landfill and an informal disposal area on site required remediation, as did dated, hazardous construction materials from the plant buildings. Adding capacity and modernizing the plant involved mechanical, electrical and structural engineering. In addition, instrumentation engineers created and installed a new SCADA system and the manufacturing equipment experts designed a sustainable preventive maintenance program.

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Despite financial hurdles, changing regulations and numerous changes in town and WPCA leadership, the town remained committed to the new facility throughout the process. Major improvements include influent screening and grit removal, modifications to the primary clarifiers, implementation of the four-stage biological treatment process for nitrogen removal, aeration tank improvements, new secondary clarifiers, UV disinfection and instrumentation for the upgraded processes. The facility achieves a total nitrogen effluent concentration in the range of the3 to 5 mg/L.
Phosphorus removal is achieved by the addition of chemicals to an effluent concentration of less than 0.7 mg/L. The overall Facility
is rated to treat an average-day design flow of 2.3 MGD of domestic and industrial wastewater.

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