Life: Renewed

Forging consensus to repair
a fractured city
New Haven, Connecticut

Constructed in the 1950s as a commuter link to and from the Lower Naugatuck Valley, the Route 34 / Oak Street connector and its companion urban renewal efforts devastated New Haven’s East Side – separating business districts and cutting off neighborhoods. The willingness of all stakeholders – both public and private – to actively collaborate and build common goals and understanding has allowed the healing of these splintered communities to begin.

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In addition to leading the consensus-building process prior to the beginning of construction, a number of in-house services were leveraged at the 100 College Street construction site including transportation engineering, site civil engineering, environmental engineering, and permitting and approvals. The technical complexity of tearing down a section of 6-lane highway with entrance and exit ramps and surrounded by city streets, a 2,800 car parking structure and a bridge necessitated the combined expertise of numerous architecture, engineering and construction firms including Parsons Brinckerhoff, Elkus/Manfredi Architects, McNamara/Salvia, and AHA Consulting Engineers.

Areas of Practice Involved:


The Route 34 project is essential to the long-term health and well-being of New Haven –reconnecting the city and providing a large, critical mass of valuable urban land use. As a boulevard, Route 34 re-establishes the street grid and the scale and character of a New Haven neighborhood. Pedestrian-oriented streets, ground floor retail, low- to mid-size buildings, parks and open spaces all serve to attract new residents and businesses. Transit oriented development, with excellent access to commuter rail, dedicated bicycle lanes and in-city transit, provides a substantial competitive advantage over automobile-dependent locations.

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