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A remarkable neighborhood
Wethersfield, Connecticut

A building once used by a utility company sat vacant in a Wethersfield neighborhood for years until someone had the dream of transforming it into a place of learning and discovery for hundreds of children. Teams of engineers, scientists, planners and architects transformed the project site from blighted to state-of-the-art, and in the process revealed an amazing renewal for this neighborhood.

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In order to support a healthy school, the Fuss & O’Neill team partnered with CREC and the architect to provide technical specifications for the removal of all hazardous materials in accordance with EPA regulations.

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The existing site and its abandoned buildings had scarred the neighborhood for years and residents welcomed the new school that has invigorated the community. Always a good neighbor, CREC brought Wethersfield a lively pre-K through 5th grade magnet school that features STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) literacy.

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