Virgil Lloyd, PE

Senior Vice President, Water Environment and Natural Resources

Virgil came to age during a tumultuous time for the environment when problems related to pollution were becoming apparent. Passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972 inspired Virgil to choose a career helping the environment. One of the most rewarding aspects of his job continues to be his contribution to making water clean and safe for the current and future generations.

Virgil specializes in developing integrated solutions for town-wide wastewater management challenges, with an emphasis on cost-effective solutions for new or upgraded treatment facilities and collection system needs. He collaborates with clients to solve difficult project challenges, and values the relationships he builds with them in the process. Virgil particularly enjoys the planning stages of complex projects, where he can draw from 35 years of experience to develop streamlined solutions. He was recently named to a three year term as the Collection Systems/Water Resource Council Director for the New England Water Environment Association.

Virgil is excited to have found a home at Fuss & O’Neill, and appreciates the genuine atmosphere of collaboration. He says, “It’s an environment that expects your best, and recognizes the contribution of every member of the team.”