Phil Moreschi, PE, CFM

Vice President, Water Environment and Natural Resources

Phil’s early career aspiration to restore and protect the aquatic environment, to which he was drawn both recreationally and academically, led him to the field of civil engineering. After several years working for the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Phil joined Fuss & O’Neill, where he is passionate about the projects he works on, and the clients he helps.

As a senior level technical lead on many water and natural resources projects, Phil enjoys continually learning new aspects of his trade; his preparation for each project allows him to fully understand the challenge, identify alternatives, and choose the ultimate solution. An expert in dam safety engineering and land conservation planning, Phil has always loved fixing things, whether it be physical infrastructure, such as dams, or natural infrastructure, such as eroded river channels. He also enjoys pursuing projects that restore environmentally stressed natural systems back to more productive and healthy natural system. Recently, Phil has taken on a more prominent role in assuring that Fuss & O’Neill is serving our clients efficiently and effectively, and is always working to understand how his team can further address client needs.