Mary Monahan

Associate | Director of Business Development, Water Environment and Natural Resources

Mary has a passion for public works.  She and Fuss & O’Neill know that professional municipal public works operations are essential to the health and safety of a community.  A Public Works Department affects everyone.  DPWs ensure clean drinking water; plan, design, and maintain roads, bridges, and sidewalks; protect and improve the environment; respond to emergencies; and more.

Mary worked in local governments as a town administrator and public works director.  Mary knows that a public works project needs to respond to the financial, regulatory, cultural, and political expectations of the communities we work with.  Mary helps facilitate the discussions between the public project owners and the technical teams to “make a better project.”  When asked what excites her most about working at Fuss & O’Neill, she says, “Working with professional teams who share my enthusiasm for working with public works and enhancing the quality of life for residents.”