Kurt Mailman, PE

Vice President, Water Environment and Natural Resources

Having grown up near a eutrophic lake, Kurt has always been fascinated by water in its many forms. His goal of improving the environment goes back to his camping days with the Boy Scouts when he used various techniques to purify water suitable for drinking.  During his senior year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Kurt piloted nutrient removal (nitrogen) in a scaled RBC treatment train with the encouragement of his college advisor who was an advocate of RBC wastewater treatment systems.

In his current role as Vice President and Department Manager at Fuss & O’Neill, Kurt’s primary responsibilities include new business development, as well as the operation of the wastewater department including integrated water management, centralized and decentralized wastewater planning, design, construction, quality assurance, and flood control.  Twice published in the National Onsite Water Renovation Association (NOWRA) Journal, frequent speaker at NEWEA Annual Conferences and Vice Chair of the NEWEA Small Community Committee, Kurt takes great pride in mentoring junior staff and assisting them in making challenging projects come to fruition, particularly when innovative, cost-effective methods or solutions are involved.

When asked what excites him the most about his work at Fuss & O’Neill, Kurt responded, “I really enjoy leading multidisciplinary design teams.  The staff at F&O is so diverse and technically exceptional, that I continue to learn other aspects of engineering while mentoring others in my field of expertise.”