James Galey

President, Construction Services

Involved with the development and construction industry since his high school years, Jim loves to see things get built. When he joined the company in 2000, his construction background broadened the services Fuss & O’Neill could provide to its clients.

Jim currently manages the operations and business development of the Construction Services group; he works with clients and designers to carry projects through construction, providing a single point of contact during the process. He uses his depth of experience to coordinate and transcend a diverse group of owners, contractors, and designers, in an effort to streamline each project. Jim has developed and built a wide range of projects during his career, but still gets excited about taking each new opportunity through completion.

Considering his lifelong passion for soccer and enthusiasm for all outdoor sports, Jim has especially enjoyed working on projects to develop and construct high quality playing fields and parks that can be enjoyed by up-and-coming athletes. He hopes to continue this work in the years to come.