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We love that the work we do shapes the communities in which we live, work, and play. While we continue to serve in our traditional ways, we recognize the opportunity to help in a new way. Many of our employees are working caregivers and now face the additional challenge of a home that has also become a workplace and a school. While we can never take the place of more formal education, we’d like to offer you and your families some STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities.

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Word Hunt

The following grids are filled with engineering words. We challenge you to find other words that appear in these puzzles. Words can be made by joining letters up, down, sideways, and diagonally.

Let’s Play!

Let's Play Word Hunt!

Oops! Word Game

Today’s game is going to require at least two people. If you have more than two people, split up into even teams, because it’s time for Oops!

The goal of Oops is to get your partner to say a word, but you cannot describe it using any of the other words on the card. If you use one of the forbidden words, your team loses a point.

Let’s Play!


Let's Play Oops!

Fun with Solar Prints!

If it’s not sunny where you are today, save this one for a sunny day. If it is sunny outside, then get ready for some magic!

Solar Prints


Learning should be fun. As we all get excited for summer break, we’re going to spend our last week together playing some fun (and educational) games and test what you’ve learned from the previous 10 weeks.



Charades with Engineering Words

Spot the Differences - Burlington, VT

Can you spot the differences in these two photos of Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont?

Spot the Differences

A Walk Down Memory Lane

It might not technically fall under the category of “STEAM”, but history shapes us all. It’s important to know what happened before today so that we learn from the successes and failures that came before us. So today we’re going to take a little walk through history, lining up
dates that are important to Fuss & O’Neill with what else was going on in the world at that time.

Memory Lane TImeline

Before & After

Did you know the engineers, scientists, and planners at Fuss & O’Neill can predict the future?

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true… but they can shape the future!

When other people look at old, run-down, and abandoned buildings, they see something that was once great.
We see potential.

Word Scramble

Scramble to Unscramble!
Let’s see how fast you can unscramble the following words used in engineering.

Send us your times!

Engineering Word Scramble

Safety Equipment

June is National Safety Month!

To kick it off, let’s learn a little about the safety equipment our engineers use all the time!

Safety Equipment!

Create Your Own Park!

Our landscape architects and designers create parks and public gathering spaces. We want you to create your own!

Using the following sheets, design your perfect park. You’ll see we’ve added some things you wouldn’t typically find in your average neighborhood park, so let your imagination guide you. If you think of something else you’d like to add, please do! And please share your creations with us!

Create Your Own Park

What Exactly is That?

Civil engineers have literally shaped the world around you. There are so many things you see (or don’t see) every day that make communities work. Today we’re going to learn about at a few of these things that have some weird names, but without them, who knows what our world would look like!


What Exactly is That?

What is Going On?

Watch this video. Can you guess what’s going on?


Field Trip to the Beach!

It’s getting warm out! But since most of us still can’t go to the beach, let’s take a virtual field trip and visit some beachy areas at which we’ve worked!

April Showers Bring May Flowers with Stephanie and Jon

Flowers, trees, and even grass are not only just pretty, sometimes they serve bigger purposes. Landscape Architects like Stephanie White, RLA, CNU-A, LEED AP and Jon Allard, PLA select plants, flowers, trees, and grass for reasons including drainage, soil stability, shade, erosion control, or insulation. Here, Stephanie and Jon tell us a little about their favorite native plants, shrubs, and trees.

Spot the Differences at Festival Pier

Shown here is Festival Pier in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Fuss & O’Neill landscape architects, civil engineers, and brownfields remediation experts collaborated on the assessment, cleanup, and redesign of this prior oil terminal located on the Seekonk (Pawtucket) River into a $2.5 million waterfront park and festival venue!

Look closely and have fun!

Spot the Differences at Festival Pier

Scavenger Hunts

To make the best decisions, engineers, scientists, and planners need to fully examine the world around them. They need to look closely at the details and maybe see some things that other people might not see.

Today we challenge you to look a little more closely at your world. We’ve created two scavenger hunts: indoor and outdoor. Bonus points if you can complete both! Be safe and have fun!

Scavenger Hunts

What is Public Works?

Happy National Public Works Week!

What is Public Works?  This is a great video that explains it all.  We LOVE our Public Works employees!

Thank you for taking care of our communities!

Build a Spaghetti Structure

Each year at Fuss & O’Neill we celebrate Engineers Week in February. We have food and contests, and we take a few minutes each day to appreciate each other. Last year we gave the whole company a challenge – design and construct the tallest structure possible using only the materials provided.

WITH YOUR PARENTS’ PERMISSION AND SUPERVISION, we’re going to give you the same
challenge. We allowed our employees to make teams, so feel free to work together or have
your own individual competitions.

Have Fun!

Spaghetti Structure


Today’s Lesson is to go outside, run around, and blow off a little STEAM!

Making the World a Little Less Hazardous with Kathleen Pane

Kathleen Pane and her team make the world a little cleaner and a little safer every day. Let’s learn a little more about what she and her Hazardous Building Materials Department do!

Word Search

Can you find all of these Water Resources terms?

Click below to start the Word Search!

Water Resources Word Find

Pop Quiz

Today we’re not going to give you the answers – we’re going to send you on a research mission
that will fill your brain full of facts to amaze your friends and family.

Have fun!

Take this Fun Pop Quiz!

Spot the Differences in Manchester, NH

Check out the image of Manchester, NH and see if you can spot the differences.
Look closely, and have fun!

Spot the Differences in Manchester, NH

STEAM with Smith School, New Britain, CT

Today we have a guest STEAM lesson from our friends at Smith School in New Britain, CT.

This lesson is about STEAM in Nature.  Enjoy!

On and Off Site with Brian Pratt

Brian Pratt is a Civil Engineer in our Manchester, NH office. He leads the “Site” team of our Community Development Business Line. We asked him a few questions to learn more about what he and his team do and what civil engineers do.

PPE Matching Game

We work in a lot of different places, some of which require special equipment to keep us safe from injury or illness.
This equipment is referred to as PPE, or “personal protective equipment”. Here we challenge you to match the picture of the specific PPE with its description.


PPE Matching Game

Planning a Community

We do a lot of planning at Fuss & O’Neill, whether it be for communities, for college campuses, or for large companies,
and we challenge you to create your own town.

Download the following pages, print them out, color them in (if you’d like), and then start planning your town.

Don’t forget to name your town, and please share a photo of your town with us!

Planning a Community - Printables

Spot the Differences in York, ME

Check out the image of York, ME and see if you can spot the differences.
Look closely, and have fun!

Spot the Differences in York

Arts and Crafts Friday - Co-Worker of the Day

Our family members have suddenly become our colleagues.  To recognize their hard work you can present them with this “Co-Worker of the Day” certificate to show your appreciation. This certificate is a fun coloring sheet that may keep your “co-worker(s)” busy for a little while!

Have fun!

Co-Worker of the Day Certificate - Coloring Sheet

"Round and 'Round with Roundabouts with John Guzze, PE

Today we talked with John Guzze, PE, Senior Transportation Engineer to find out why roundabouts are so popular and why he likes
designing them so much.

Share with your friends!

Construction Puzzle

At Fuss & O’Neill we provide construction administration and design-build alternatives. So we built you this puzzle!
See if you can make the following words fit.

Construction Puzzle

Field Trip to Vermont

Let’s take a virtual field trip and learn about Vermont today!

Have fun and share with your friends!

Spot the Differences in Stamford, CT

Check out the image of Stamford, CT and see if you can spot the differences.
Look closely, and have fun!

Spot the Differences in Stamford

Learning about Maps with Dave Cook

Click on the lesson below to learn about Maps and GIS!

Learning about Maps!

Learning About Composting

When we started Earth Week, we learned a little about what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does. One of the things they recommend at home is composting. More than 25% of what you throw away can be composted instead.

Click on the book below to learn more about composting!

Nature Walk Bingo

If you’re out enjoying nature this Earth Week, why not play a little Bingo too? Each of these cards has things you might see when you’re exploring our great planet. If you don’t know what some of the words are, we encourage you to look them up!

First one to get an “EARTH” wins!

Nature Walk Bingo Cards

Field Trip Around New England

Let’s take a virtual Field Trip around New England!  Share with your friends!

Happy Birthday Earth Day!

Sending big birthday wishes to Earth Day!  Click the book below to learn about Earth Day.

Tell us how you’re celebrating earth day!

Creative Thinking

You’ll hear this statement a lot around an engineering office: “I didn’t think I would have to do this much writing as an engineer!”. But there is a lot of writing – reports, grants, permit applications, etc. There is also a lot of creativity involved with engineering. There are often many ways to arrive at a solution, with various costs, materials, or time that guide decisions. And designing itself is a very creative process. With all that in mind, today we ask you to get creative.

Click on the lesson below to check out the lesson.

Send us your answers!

Creative Thinking

Chair Challenge

Each year at Fuss & O’Neill we celebrate Engineers Week in February. We have food and contests, and we take a few minutes each day to appreciate each other. This year we gave the whole company a challenge – create a chair out of recycled materials.

Build a Chair Challenge

Let's Take a Field Trip to Massachusetts!

Click on the book below to take a virtual field trip to Massachusetts. Flip through the pages, and learn about this special place.
Share with your friends!

Learning About School Systems

A school building is like your house, but a lot, lot bigger. It has bathrooms, it might have a kitchen, it has rooms for the teachers to work, and it has offices. Each of these rooms has doors, lights, walls, and heating and/or air conditioning. Behind the school walls and in rooms you’ve probably never seen, there is a whole system of wires and pipes that makes your school work.

Click on the booklet below to take a closer look!

Complete Streets with Chuck Harlow, PE

Engineers look to keep everyone on the roads safe, not just those using cars. They talk a lot about what are called “Complete Streets”. This means that EVERYONE should have their fair share of the road. Click on the lesson below to learn more about Complete Streets!

Complete Streets

Survey Says with Greg Brown, LS!

Almost every project begins with land surveying. Want to build anything? You’d better know what the ground looks like, who owns the land, what’s been built on that land before, and where all the underground utilities are located!  Click on the lesson below to do some surveying around the world!

Survey Says

Learn About Dams with Phil Forzley, Professional Engineer

At Fuss & O’Neill, we have a group of engineers and scientists that fix dams in need of repair, remove dams, and sometimes build dams.
Why would someone remove a dam?  Click on the lesson below to find out!

Learn About Dams

Let's Take a Field Trip!

Click on the book below to take a virtual field trip. Flip through the pages, and learn about this special place.
Share with your friends!

Spot the Differences with Myles Simon, Landscape Designer

Myles worked his designer magic on an image.  Check it out and see if you can see the differences.
Look closely, and have fun!

Spot the Differences

Arts and Crafts

Though we don’t have an Arts and Crafts Department at Fuss & O’Neill, a lot of our work includes design, whether that be the design of a new park, design of systems to improve wastewater or groundwater flow, or design of ways to improve energy systems. We use many different types of software to create models of our work and we use CAD, which stands for computer-aided design. We’ll show you some of these designs in another lesson.
Today, we’d like you to design!

Greeting Card Design

Learning About Bridges

Click on the book below to learn about bridges. Flip through the pages, read about bridges and do some cool projects.
Share with your friends!

Traffic Signs

You too can be a transportation engineer!
Did you know that the Unites States Department of Transportation
makes sure all traffic signs mean the same thing wherever you go?

Check out the Traffic Signs Lesson below and take the quiz!

Traffic Signs Lesson

Endangered Species

Check out the fact sheet below and send us your drawings!  You can email them to

Endangered Species Fact Sheet

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